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...behind Ovela

Ovela is the result of curiosity for the future and passion to make sense of the systemic change transforming industries. As a software company, our mission is to help organizations be at the forefront of this change and to recognize, discover, or create opportunities related to digitalization and virtualization.

We stand for the optimized combination of human beings and technology in the constantly changing landscape of business and society. Without sufficient organizational design, guiding principles, and incentives for stakeholders, we will lack the data critical to development. Without the right kind of competence, conception and will, there is little of use for virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

As proof of our commitment to social advancement along with the technological development, we named our company in the honor of a visionary woman Ada Lovelace. She was a brilliant mind in the times of the industrial revolution, whose work on computer programming was forgotten and overlooked for a century before finally serving as the basis for the work of Touring – modern computing and artificial intelligence. Such omissions must not happen as we work to create a better, more equitable and inclusive virtual world.

A hundred years in advance, Ada Lovelace saw what could be. Inspired by her vision and motivated by her story we envision Ovela playing an important role in the iterations of organizations engaged in building the different layers of metaverse. Working between realities we bridge virtual to physical and abstract vision to concrete steps required today. In more detail, we do so through the following solutions.