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Ovela Event


As a result of the pandemic, meaningful events have become more important than ever. At the same time and for the same reason events have seen a jump in digitalization. Virtual events are part of everyday business and those encounters that are based on physical presence also take advantage of virtuality and augmented reality.

With the Ovela Event, you bring elements to your events that enrich the event experience while making life easier for both planners and participants. Using a virtual model of a physical event place planning, documenting, and selling is easier than doing so in the physical environment and without the luxury of digital tools. When live, participants of for example a fair may experience the wow-effects of augmented reality or with the help of event applications find their way to the rest-room or stands of their interest.

With Ovela event, you may take for example your annual general meeting, festival, fair or forum to a customized virtual environment that fulfills the needs of your business or non-profit organization. You may activate the shareholders or stakeholders with fun application and visualize their voice and will in a way never seen before. And consider what the removal of the physical constraints means for your event. You can fit in pretty much any number of people, and they do not even need to leave their own home or office and fly across the world to participate.

Virtual reality offers yet another interesting feature to your event. It may never pause! Imagine the possibilities of having a festival or fair ongoing without a clear beginning or an end and constantly evolving based on data and desires of participants. The event may end for the participant logging out, but continue and function for those who choose to stay or log in.