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Ovela Design


3D configurators are being increasingly utilized today in various fields ranging from consumer products to large industrial facilities and systems. Development of this front is rapid as virtualization of commerce increases and industries invest in the use of data to optimize their production processes in terms of efficiency, safety, and the management of various risks.

With Ovela Design, you can boost your sales and save time for your sales teams by offering your customer the possibility to better understand what they are buying and what is the functional and sentimental value of their potential purchase or order. Thereby answering the customer’s critical question in detail: “Is this product going to be what I want?”. Notably, you may connect the 3D configurator to your webstore or web application and even the smart value chain.

Further, for example in oil and gas, utility and shipping industries you can utilize 3D configuration to make sure the entities and the related infrastructure you are designing will be exactly what you and your stakeholder desire or require. This is useful whether you approach design from the perspective of engineering, procurement, or construction. Moreover, 3D modeling can also help understand and manage the lifecycle of the entity at hand.

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