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Loiste Interactive

Deep rich worlds for gamers

Loiste Interactive is part of Ovela. Loiste is a Finnish game development company, whose games make players immerse themselves in the experiential environment of realistic games.

We develop games from one gamer to another. That’s why storytelling and game quality are at the heart of everything we do. The games are meant to provide intellectual challenges, without firing the first visible enemy. The enemies of our games are present everywhere and worst of all; only a fraction of citizens are aware of their existence. They are realistic horror scenarios for the future that require much more than effective weapons to stop them.

Games with purpose


INFRA is a first-person puzzle adventure PC game sold in Steam. The puzzles are detailed and grounded in engineering so you may only solve them with wits and patience. INFRA is not a horror game, but you may come to feel so after playing it. Suspense and excitement come from the crumbling infrastructure as well as dark and eerie environments and the unique soundscape around you.


Obenseuer is a "Concretepunk" roleplaying game sold as an early access version in Steam. Early access means that new features and content are being added based on feedback from the gamer community. The game has been under development for several years and the unannounced release date of the complete version has been moving as the project has grown more ambitious.