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We are constantly looking for new members to our team!

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Open positions

Front-end developer

Back-end developer

Marketing coordinator


years of experience in software development.


people in the team that are highly interested in gaming and XR.


thousand euros in revenue in 2022

Meet the team

We are a team easy to fit in and to work with no matter who you are or where you are from. We listen to each other and always make our best attempt to link our customers' needs and the desires of our people.

If you join us, you may get more than just colleagues. It is not unusual for our team to find ourselves spending time together on a weekend night. Perhaps this is why our team seems to only have a door in and not one out ;)

There is room in our team for both trainees and experienced experts. A variety of opportunities are provided to anyone who can meet the challenge and assume a role that makes us a better team and helps us create meaningful solutions that deliver value to our customers.

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