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Ovela is the intersection of sales and marketing experts, business professionals, technology nerds, and scientists dealing with systemic change. Somewhat shrewd, and fitting to Ovela, the key people cannot be labeled as belonging to one category alone.

Executive team

Oskari Samiola

Co-founder, CEO

Oskari is the technological guru of the company. A brilliant mind and true nerd, who finds a cost-effective practical solution to pretty much any problem that can be solved with 3D technology. Oskari has about 15 years of experience of creating rich virtual worlds.

Henrik Hopea

Sales Director

Henrik’s strengths are clear - finding innovative solutions for customers and his company and driving the business to new heights of success. He will not fail you. He is a creator, a critical thinker and is someone who will always rise to the occasion to make your business better.

Kert Kenner

Co-founder & Advisor

Kert is a marketing and sales expert, who has helped hundreds of firms scale up their revenue. He has worked with both small and medium sized businesses and global brands. He is a co-author of #Myyntikirja and a co-host of #Myyntipodi.

Iiro Jussila

Co-founder & Advisor

Iiro is both a business professional and a scientist. He works with firms to redesign them and their strategies to flourish in the transformation taking place across industries. Iiro also works part time as a professor at the School of Engineering Science in LUT University. His specialization area is systemic change.


Mikko Viitaja

Lead developer.
Level designer. Coder.

Riku Vauhkonen

Character artist. Coder.

Juha Kuoppala

Level designer.

Iiro Kiema


Piia Kemppainen

Level designer.

Matti Lehto


Jenni Pirinen

Character artist.