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Between realities

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Ovela is the result of curiosity for the future and passion to make sense of the systemic change transforming industries. As a software company, our mission is to help organizations be at the forefront of this change and to recognize, discover, or create opportunities related to digitalization and virtualization.

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Data doesn't lie

Many clients are worried about doing something new before it has been thoroughly tested. They don’t want to waste time and money tackling unchartered territory and are waiting to see competitor results before diving in. And thats why they are missing out in this huge opportunity.


of organizations are already leveraging or planning to
adopt VR or AR solutions


of the world’s population is anticipated to use AR over
the next few years


of AR users reported high
satisfaction with AR experiences

Netflix trusts Ovela

We've have worked with Netflix to create content for an episode of the Designated Survivor series. The episode is about the collapse of infrastructure in the USA. Our INFRA game has inspired the storyline of the series and with this collaboration, the game found its way to the White House.

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From our keyboard

The AR/VR train is moving rapidly. In our everyday interactions with our customers and other stakeholders we are constantly learning and recognizing things worth sharing. It is for this purpose that we started this blog. Stay tuned for future posts and please feel free to share and discuss our blog with your network whenever you feel like doing so.