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Ovela Learning


Digital applications are at the forefront of today’s education – or should we say edutainment. There is no need to rely solely on traditional methods such as classroom lectures as one can take students and trainees to virtual reality mimicking the conditions and interactions of the physical world.

With Ovela Learning, you can educate your students and train your employees in a more efficient manner. By bringing the learning of content to those everyday work situations in which the learner needs that particular knowledge. Consider for example the high-tech plant engineer trying to find a solution to a rare problem. She does not need to search for manuals or articles, but simply put on AR glasses and learn just-in-time.

To boost the learning outcomes, Ovela Learning makes learning more entertaining by the means of gamification. You may for example make use game-design elements and game principals in your work organization context to incentivize and stimulate learning. Your employees may acquire virtual points linked to pay and promotion systems by completing a series of tasks or activities. As an example of stimulation, you may use the characteristics of game elements to problem solving.