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Wish to augment the reality of your customers?

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We have been working between different forms of reality for a long time. Only recently, however, there has been a substantial rise in the demand in businesses for solutions that augment the reality of customers. It seems like we have finally reached the point in time where both businesses and consumers are ready to take a leap in AR.

To us, this development has become visible in a variety of industries that we are serving to create innovative applications of AR. Thanks to our amazing tech team and AR technologies our customers are able to better demonstrate and sell their products or ideas to their customers, investors, and other decision-makers.

Recent experiences from the field indicate that there is a lot of demand for AR solutions that guide employees through difficult tasks or help them operate complex equipment under difficult conditions. Increased efficiency and safety are vital for example when there is high time pressure and little room for error. Further, AR is also applied to more general cases. For instance, handbooks for different kinds of devices are turning into AR solutions. And, as many producers are realizing, AR guides can also be entertaining.

Some of the most intriguing gamification projects under way relate to the use of AR applications in education and work. To peak into future, consider what will happen to education and familiarization to work if your student or employee uses an AR solution that allows a better focus on data, just-in-time learning, and entertainment. Let’s just say that using AR the engagement and conceptual comprehension of students and employees leaps to a totally new level.

Sales and marketing solutions where amongst the most obvious future applications when envisioning the potential of AR a few years back. Now the expectations are materializing as a salesperson can travel light to a trade show or sales meeting. They can use AR to present to the audience a variety of products in the right size, shape, and color and perhaps even in a realistic setting depending on the show or meeting site. Quite simply, AR is boosting sales dramatically.

A similar situation is for instance with the presentation of event places or apartments. The decision to reserve, rent or buy is much easier when you can – with the help of AR – see for example how your plan will play out in an arena or how your own belongings fit to the layout of an apartment.

These are just a few applications of AR to which there has been wide interest. In addition to these, there is interest in a variety of solutions that are more isolated cases. In all the common and more isolated cases, it is interesting to see that increasing number of businesses are concretely preparing for the wider use of AR-glasses. For now, AR solutions are mostly used with different kinds of mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.

If you wish to learn more about the potential of AR or even wish to discuss potential solutions for your business or organization, do not hesitate to drop a message in email or LinkedIn. I am always happy to talk to new people and if needed put you in contact with our sales or tech team.

Iiro Jussila
Professor, specialized in systemic change
Co-founder of Ovela Helsinki